Web analytics is Processing data to collect and content to get information about how web site is used or needed by visitors. Many web application analytics that are used beside google analytics. The following are Web Application analytis that used.
1. Piwik
Piwik is Web Application Analytics that is developed from PHP and Mysql. This tool have plugsin system that is can developed and customized. We can to install certain plugin that is needed or all.
2. Fire stats
This application is developed from php anda mysql too. Fier stats support with many platform like c#, Django, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress Etc. Beside that, firestats also support with API.

3. Snoop
Snoop is Desktop Application web analytcs that run on MAC OSX dan win XP/Vista platform. After installaion finish, snoop application will appear on the status bar/system and will appear sound if some thing happen.
4. Yahoo!Web Analytics
6 Woopra
7. Jawstat
9. MochiBot
10. Grape Web Statistics